Fostering Allowance

At Safehouses, we understand that fostering can be quite demanding at times which is why we pay our foster carers a generous fostering allowance so they can focus on giving their foster child the best possible care.

Payments will vary depending on the age of the child but you can expect to receive up to £450.00 per child per week.

The payments are as follows:-

Children aged 0-4 is £400.00 per week per child.

Children aged 5-12 is £425.00 per week per child

Children aged 13-18 is £450.00 per week per child

*Parent and child £825.00 per week


*NB parent and child placements are only referred to Fostering Families where all Carers have attended a specialist training course.


Although the foster carer receives the payment each month- the payments are separated into two elements as set out by the government:-

Maintenance element- this covers things such as Gas, Electric, Clothes, Pocket money etc. (things the child uses or needs). This part of the fee is not taxable.

Allowance element is effectively ‘wages’ for the foster carer. This part of the fee is subject to tax.



A child is placed aged 14

Maintenance element is set at £200.00 per week (non-taxable)

Allowance element is set at £250.00 per week (taxable)

Tax relief

The Government have a special tax relief for all foster families. The first £11,000 you earn (after expenses) is 100% tax free. On top of this there is an extra tax relief on £200 (for children under 11) and £250 (for children over 11) you earn per week.


Safehouses recognises that from time to time the child/ren or the foster carers may require respite ‘sleep-overs’ away from home. Unlike most other fostering agencies; Safehouses gives the foster carer the flexibility to ‘buy in respite’. This is done by paying the Foster Carer and extra payment spread over a 52 week period. As such the Foster Carer has the flexibility to ‘buy-in’ 2 weeks respite should this be deemed appropriate for the child/ren in placement.