Meet our foster families

Find out what’s it’s like to walk a day in the shoes of a Safehouses foster carer



Becky was a teenager when her own parents started fostering with Safehouses, and now she is following in their footsteps, working as a respite carer to help foster families who look after children with disabilities.

Working with five different foster families, Becky’s level of respite care depends on the amount of help the family needs of the children.

foster carers paul and debbie

Paul & Debbie

“Just one recent example is the support Safehouses have given regarding family contact arrangements for one of our foster children.

“Safehouses sorted out somewhere nice to meet, convenient for the parents, and a Safehouses social worker provided supervision for the contact meetings.”



Hear from Gareth, one of our care leavers, on the support he continued to receive after he had left care.

“I’ve really felt listened to and heard. And everybody always had the time to spare as well, I never felt like I was annoying someone by asking for help.”



Now the Fostering Service Manager for Safehouses Fostering, Wayne started fostering in his early twenties and looked after 30 children on a respite care basis.

Wayne’s decision to foster was motivated by his mother, Julie Brown’s, inspiring legacy. She began fostering when Wayne was 17 and looked after more than 60 children.

foster child with foster dad walking

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