Refer a friend

Know someone who may be interested in fostering?

Do you have any friends, family or other people in your social network who you think have the qualities we can develop and support them in becoming a Foster Carer?

If you are a current foster carer or employee with Safehouses, you may be eligible for a reward! If the person you recommend is approved by us as a foster carer, you will receive £1,000* upon their first placement.

To recommend them to us, simply ask for permission to pass on the person’s details, and get in touch with us below with the prospective carers’ telephone number and post code. Or you can speak to your supervising social worker for more information.

Call us

01457 829 111

*If the person you are referring is already a foster carer with Safehouses, Five Rivers, or one of our partner agencies (Quality Foster Care, Foster Careline and The Fostering Company North East), you will not be eligible for the reward.