New To Fostering?

Most people acknowledge how worthwhile and important the role of foster carers is in our society. A lot of people consider whether they could do the job. If you have read this far you will probably thinking about it seriously.

Existing Foster Carers

If you are already an approved Foster Carer and are considering moving then we would be a perfect choice for you. Our extensive network and team are available to help your transition. Give us a call to get started with Safehouses Fostering.

Why Choose Us?

Having thought a lot about Fostering as a career, one which is both vital to society and also fulfilling, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. So how do you decide? Choose the one that suits you best, which only you can know.

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What Our Carers Say

What’s it like to be a foster family?

Foster Carers for Safehouses Fostering
Paul and Debbie

Personal experiences of Paul and Debbie, Safehouses foster carers for 2 years.

Foster Carers are Unsung Heroes

At Safehouses we recognise and celebrate this fact. Being a foster carer combines aspects of the skills and experience of many other professions: social worker, teacher, medic, counsellor, chef, sportsman/woman, diplomat, comedian and saint.


At the same time, it is perhaps one of the few professions where you can look back and think..
“I have made a positive change in someone’s life.”
Ofsted Latest Report

“Safehouses was rated as Outstanding in all areas.”