Who We Are | Safehouses Fostering
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Who We Are


Established in 1997, Safehouses Fostering has a proven track record of providing a foster care service that combines best practice with personalised support to meet individual needs.


Our wealth of experience is a valuable resource for both established foster carers and for those beginning their new career.


Unlike many smaller, independent foster care agencies, we have been able to resist being bought out. However, the quality of the service that Safehouses provides has been recognised by Ofsted as having a personal quality that can often be lacking in much larger organisations. This means that Safehouses is able to retain its unique ethos, where ‘belonging’ is an essential part of our practice, and not just an advertising gimmick. The service we deliver has been recognised by Ofsted to be of very high quality for our Fostering Families.


Safehouses has deliberately remained smaller and independent because this ensures that children are more than numbers.


Safehouses Fostering is based in Denshaw, just outside Oldham, with easy access to Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and East Lancashire.

Our foster carers live within a wide catchment area, including Wigan, Halifax, Trafford, Bacup and all places in between.

We run training courses from our centre, and also education and leisure activities for the young people. Training includes online and creative learning. We often make use of our garden and the beautiful countryside around for get-together activities.

What We Do

The OFSTED recognised good practice and established reputation of Safehouses is founded on trust and team work. In order to change young lives and meet the needs of children, our foster carers must feel strongly supported at all times. Working in partnership with Local Authorities, schools and other involved agencies helps achieve this.

What we do, of course, is care for children and young people who need to be cared for. It’s more than just a job.