Our Support

Safehouses Fostering believes that Foster Carers should be provided with 24 hour support. As such, our office is open between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. each weekday and an emergency phone line operates outside these hours, to ensure that appropriate back-up is always at hand, whatever the time of day or night. This service operates 365 days a year.

As a Safehouses Fostering Foster Carer, you will be allocated a Supervising Social Worker who will keep in close contact with you and any child placed in your care. The role of the Social Worker is to work with you, to offer support and advice and to ensure that you have all the available information and back-up to help you succeed in meeting the child’s needs.

Your Social Worker will visit you at home on a regular basis to ensure that you are provided with a personal level of support. You are encouraged to attend group meetings with other Foster Carers and staff, so that you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with your colleagues who may have had similar experiences and also to share your ideas and successes.

Safehouses Fostering also organises many social events to promote friendship and support between all those working within the agency.  These events are varied and scheduled throughout the year, for further information please either talk to your Social Worker or visit the ‘Notice board’ section of this website.


Educational Support

While Safehouses Fostering believes that participating in education within a normal school setting is the best way for most children to progress, we do recognise that this can be a difficult area for some children. Safehouses Fostering will help Foster Carers find a child a place in a local school for the children they care for and, when required, we can provide one-to-one tuition sessions with our own dedicated Teacher.  We are fully committed to education, and whole heartedly believe that the needs of each and every child should be recognised and supported throughout their ‘school days’ whether that be within a school environment or an educational programme tailored to their particular needs.

Children and young people who are in Foster Care have often experienced disruption in school attendance and may have missed vital stages in their education.The dedicated Teacher, who is part of the Safehouses Fostering team, has many years’ experience of working in mainstream school and with children in public care. Our Teacher will assess the educational attainment and needs of young people at the start of any new placement with Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers. They will then liaise with the young person, their Foster Carers and the school to ensure that the best educational opportunities are accessed by the children we help support. The role of the Safehouses Teacher also includes:-

  • Regular assessment of educational attainment
  • Regular assessment of educational needs
  • Liaison with schools and other involved agencies in all matters relating to the young person’s education, attainment, further education and career choices
  • Where necessary providing after-school or homework sessions for young people
  • Running workshops and learning-based activities for Safehouses Fostering children during the holidays
  • Providing information and training for Foster Carers on issues relating to the National Curriculum, exams, homework, etc.

All young people with Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers will attend full-time mainstream school (unless an alternative educational provision has been specified by the LEA). The Safehouses Fostering Teacher will continue to support the young people and their Foster Carers in order that learning and the school experience can be as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.