Foster With Us

Safehouses Fostering is a compact agency based in Denshaw near Oldham. We firmly believe that every child has the right to a stable and caring family environment, where they are supported, encouraged and where they feel safe.

The warmth and nurturing of a family environment can provide young people with the security they need to grow into confident and secure adults. We are always looking for caring, patient people who have expertise in looking after children and who are willing to undertake training to prepare them for a career as a Safehouses Fostering Foster Carer.

We are committed to the principle that each and every child is entitled to the highest quality of care in every area of their lives, and we work alongside our dedicated Foster Carers to promote opportunities for children to develop new skills and interests as a way of building resilience and promoting improved self-esteem.

Safehouses Fostering recruits, trains and supports people who wish to take on the rewarding, yet often challenging task of offering a safe, nurturing and caring home for Looked After Children. We are proud of the fact that, due to our size and the dedication of our staff we know all our Foster Carers personally, and consider them all to be valued and respected members of our Safehouses Fostering ‘family’.

We appreciate that you may have many questions about fostering with us. We have included a wealth of information on these pages to assist you in deciding if fostering is the right decision for you; however, as you can appreciate we cannot cover every aspect of the fostering process.