Positive Outcomes

Historically, Looked After Children have under-achieved in many areas – most noticeably in the field of education. Safehouses Fostering not only provides children and young people with safe, secure and nurturing family placements but also offers Looked After Children the educational input, support and backup which promotes inclusion and high achievement.

Safehouses Fostering is committed to working to current Government targets for Looked After Children and young people. In many areas we significantly exceed the national expectations:

Young people’s access to education – All Safehouses Fostering children of school age have access to our own Teacher and have currently achieved integration into mainstream education.

Young people’s attendance within the education system – Currently all young people placed with Safehouses Foster Carers are all in main stream education.

Educational attainment of children and young people placed with Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers – All children and young people with Safehouses Fostering are attaining all their key stage targets.

Development of Social Skills – Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers work closely with placing authorities to develop the social skills of the children in their care. They do this by promoting opportunities for them to participate in social and extra-curricular activities and encouraging the growth of independence and personal responsibility. By recognising achievements and providing positive role models, Foster Carers help young people to develop a true sense of self-worth and high self-esteem, which in turn promotes resilience in the face of adversity and disadvantage.

Stability of placements – Safehouses Fostering has an excellent record in providing stable placements, with over 50% of the children and young people currently in place being on a long-term /permanency basis. Disruption of placements over the past 3 years is less than 3%.

As a small team we are privileged to be able to work closely with our Foster Carers and the children they support.

If you would like further details on our positive outcomes and fostering service, please contact our Duty Officer on 01457 829 111 who will be happy to assist you.