Our Services

As an agency, Safehouses Fostering aims to work very much in partnership with Local Authorities in order to provide a wide range of placement provision and to extend the options available for Looked After Children.

Safehouses Fostering believes that every child deserves the opportunity to live within a nurturing and supportive family who will safeguard and promote their needs and best interests – and give them the greatest chance to reach their maximum potential.

We work closely with our Foster Carers and Local Authority colleagues, and are dedicated to the work that we do.

Matching is key to the success of the low placement breakdown experience at Safehouses Fostering.  We strive to achieve the best possible match for every Looked After Child in our care; ensuring that each child and young person gets the support that they need in a fostering environment that welcomes, understands and compliments them.

Our Foster Carers are trained to the highest professional standards, and we hold regular seminars and events to maintain this level of care provision.

We are an open and honest agency with a ‘family feel’ if you wish to contact us to discuss what we have to offer in greater detail, please contact our Duty Officer on 01457 829 111 who will be happy to assist you.