Our Ethos

We are fully committed to the ethos, aims and objectives as outlined in the government guidance Every Child Matters (Every Child Matters – Children Act 2004):

Being Healthy – Safehouses Fostering ensures that all children’s physical and mental health needs are fully met and that access to primary health care and specialist health services are prioritised. Healthy living and lifestyle is promoted by all Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers.

Staying Safe – The Safehouses Fostering ethos has the safety and security of the children and young people at its heart – protecting them from harm and neglect, providing them with the encouragement and support all children need and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop in a nurturing family environment.

Enjoying and Achieving РSafehouses Fostering Foster Carers work in partnership with placing authorities to ensure that the children and young people placed in their care will get the most out of life and develop their skills into adulthood. Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers are committed to providing children with new life experiences and opportunities to develop their interests and talents.

Making a Positive Contribution – Children and young people placed with Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers are supported and encouraged in order to build up self-esteem, confidence and feelings of self-worth. This enables them to develop the social skills that will allow them to make a positive contribution to their family, home and community.

Achieving Economic Wellbeing – All young people placed with Safehouses Fostering Foster Carers are encouraged to plan for their future independence.¬†From the age of 13 onwards, young people are involved in the agency’s Preparation for Independence program.¬†Training and support is provided to ensure that they have the information they require to make informed choices about their future options.