Childsafe Training Testimonial

Having been invited to teach at Safehouses Fostering on several occasions during 2013 and 2014 I have nothing but admiration and praise for the warmth and professionalism shown during the sessions. I have taught in other agencies and have commented to Safehouses staff that there is an altogether more Homely, warm and personal feeling to their organisation. I am aware that the agency used to run from the ‘front room’ of a small dwelling which famously had an arga stove which makes it sound very cosy and that perhaps it was a big change to go to a newly refurbished building in more of an office environment but I always feel there is a definite personal feel to the building which you do not get from other places.

The staff, Foster Carers and management are always engaging and show great passion and commitment to develop their knowledge and safeguarding ability. They provide honest and straight forward feedback and help which I have indeed used to change some elements of my training. Safehouses is a forward thinking, passionately led fostering organisation which is moving forward and growing but which somehow still feels like you have ‘popped in to your mothers for a cup of tea!’ I look forward to teaching there in the future.

Jeff Smith
Childsafe Training