About Us

Safehouses Fostering Agency began its eventful life in June 1997. Its founding Director, Louise King knew that a service which provided substitute care for vulnerable children needed to be warm, nurturing, family orientated and supportive and so with this premise she opened Safehouses Fostering.

With experience gained from her career in fostering social work, Louise understood that the most important aspect of the agency would be to recruit and train Foster Carers of the highest calibre, Foster Carers who genuinely had the skills, the passion and the energy to work with the challenges provided by Looked After Children. A further consideration for Louise was to maintain an agency at a level that would never be too big to become impersonal or lose sight if its goals and ethos.

To date, Louise remains the sole owner of Safehouses Fostering, albeit with a huge amount of professional support and advice, and has resisted the offers of merging into a large, national organisation. Thus, Safehouses Fostering retains its ‘family feel’ and each staff member and Foster Carer working within the agency is valued for their individual personality and skill set.

Safehouses Fostering is based in Denshaw in a beautiful countryside environment, being close to Oldham and the M60 and M62 the offices are on the main transport routes to all areas of the North West.